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Gone are the days of posting an ad, reviewing applications, and hiring the best candidate. To attract high caliber leaders today, organizations need to strategically identify and inspire potential leaders.


LCG's executive leadership team is comprised of leaders who have sat in the chair. We get to know your organization. We invite stakeholder input to prioritize the skills and qualities sought in your next leader. Our communications and stakeholder engagement plans build trust in the process that will position the new leader for long-term success. 

Our work continues even after you have introduced your new leader to your stakeholders. Our team of experienced leaders will provide on boarding, coaching, and training to ensure long-term success.

Executive Search

Hiring a CEO is arguably the board's most important responsibility. The benefits of strong leadership and the costs of ineffective leadership are clear. LCG's team can help your organization assess what kind of leader it needs and help you find that leader.

But our commitment continues after the leader is introduced. We will work with the board to create an entry plan for the leader and ensure that training and coaching are in place to position that leader for long-term success.


You only get one chance to make a first impression. Simple missteps in a leader's first 100 days can weigh her/him down for years. On the contrary, thoughtful relationship building and intentional listening send messages of confidence and competence. LCG's team can help drown out the loudest voices and help the leader get the big picture and develop a balanced vision.

Once the board hires a leader, it is now responsible for positioning her/him for success. LCG can help the leader with an entry plan that will ensure s/he builds trust, learns about the organization, and tills the soil for a healthy, sustainable culture.

Interim Leadership/Succession Planning

The board's responsibility is to ensure the most qualified person is always leading the organization. Your organization's leaders will leave. Whether the departure is sudden or foreseeable, a thoughtful succession plan proposes guidelines and options for action when leadership transition is necessary. LCG's team knows the elements of succession planning.

The best succession plans include a commitment to identify and support leaders within your organization. Our team of experience leaders can help build your bench.


Leadership can be lonely and stressful. Given the high turnover rate of nonprofit leaders and the shrinking pool of qualified people interested in taking on these demanding roles, it is important for nonprofit boards to invest in a leader's success. Providing the support of coaching may enable an organization's leader to serve longer and with a greater degree of professional satisfaction.

An executive coach serves as a thought-partner, providing a safe environment for a leader to process ideas. An executive coach helps the leader clarify issues by asking guiding questions and providing an objective perspective.

Coaching can also be valuable for second-tier leaders and emerging leaders. Building a bench of future leaders is an important component of any organization's succession plan.


Let's Work Together

We are happy to answer your questions and to explain our services as they relate to your organization. Please feel free to contact us so that we can provide the information you need.

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