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Capabilities Brochure: Why LCG is Right for You 

Choosing the right partner for an organization's project is critical. Learn more about our guiding principles, philosophy, beliefs and why we believe we are the right fit for you.

What is Prospect Research? Why is it important?

Have you ever wondered how prospect research may relate to your organization and its existing and prospective donors?  In, "What is Prospect Research? Why is it important", we outline the benefits of integrating prospect research into your fundraising efforts.

Best Practices for Running a Catholic School

Lorcan Barnes hosts a webinar to share some of the professional and life lessons he's learned over 24 years as a Catholic school servant leader.

"Do Now" - Four Actions for Nonprofit Leaders

Good teachers keep their students focused. Some educators have a DO NOW section on the chalk board so that students know what to DO NOW as they arrive for class. Here are some actions nonprofit leaders can DO NOW so that your mission can earn an A+ as society emerges from the pandemic.

The Most Simple Thing in Life is to Help People

Your donors believe in you. They believe in the people you serve. They believe in your mission. Why not give them the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives? 

A Gift that Leaves a Legacy:  A Case for Planned Giving

Is your organization investing in planned giving as part of your fundraising efforts? "A Gift that Leaves a Legacy" outlines why nonprofits should consider planned giving in their fundraising strategy.

"Are You Ready for a Capital Campaign?" Workshop

In partnership with The Impact Foundry, Lorcan Barnes discusses some of the necessary ingredients for an organization to launch a successful campaign in this presentation. Spoiler alert: it’s more about internal readiness than the state of the economy.

A Video Message from Lorcan Barnes

Lester Consulting Group has new leadership but the same mission and vision. President Lorcan Barnes has advice for what nonprofit organizations can be doing now. The LCG team has an offer that may help your organization. From campaign management to organizational development.

Top "10" Things I Learned as a Catholic School President

After 24 years, Lorcan Barnes has probably seen it all. He shares lessons regarding fundraising, board governance, strategic planning, and general leadership. He even tells you where to park your Prius.

"Discovering Your Donors: The Basics of Prospect Research" Workshop

In partnership with The Impact Foundry, Sonia Armas and the LCG team discuss the importance and benefits of prospect research in helping organizations understand their donor base and share some helpful research resources.

Campaign Readiness...from the Eyes of a Former Nonprofit CEO

There is a science to evaluating whether or not your organization is ready to launch a major fundraising campaign. But it’s not rocket science. There are a few key ingredients that will position your organization for a successful campaign.

It's Critical to Tell How You Are Changing Lives

It’s not uncommon for nonprofit staff to sometimes be so wrapped up in the day-to-day demands of their work that they forget their organization is doing important, life-changing work—and how important it is to share that life-changing work with donors.

Crushing Economies Don't Crush Philanthropy

If the nonprofit which provides food stops offering meals, who will feed our hungry neighbors?  If the charity which offers services to the homeless scales back its programs, who will offer those living on the streets a hand up?  If the after-school program shutters its doors, who will care for the children who depend on it?

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