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Rose Lester enjoyed a distinguished career working for a multinational corporation, where she learned the skills required to successfully run a company whose ultimate goal is to produce increasing profits for the benefit of shareholders.  Following that experience and a decade of working in the nonprofit healthcare field, Rose learned the value of leveraging profits to achieve meaningful outcomes for the benefit of society.

While success can be easily measured in terms of its impact on us as individuals, significance can only truly be measured in terms of our impact on others.  Success and significance are important drivers in the nonprofit world.  Blending them by "connecting people with possibilities" is both the art and the science of effective nonprofit management and philanthropy.


LCG was founded in 1999 based on this philosophy.

As President & Chief Executive Officer of a large private high school, Lorcan Barnes retained the LCG team to lead major multi-million-dollar campaigns to improve the campus and grow the tuition assistance endowment.  Each of these campaigns succeeded based on LCG's extensive research and experienced campaign counsel.

After a distinguished 24-year career as an educational leader, Lorcan was looking for the next challenge.  The opportunity to leverage his experience in nonprofit leadership, management and philanthropy as the next President and Chief Executive Office of LCG provided that exciting opportunity.


In July 2020, Lorcan Barnes purchased the company, including the proprietary LCG model and range of nonprofit services and products.

Over the years, LCG's team of dedicated professionals earned the reputation for developing a successful organizational development and campaign model based on a defined scope of work, benchmarks to measure success, and the successful execution of principles and practices that create enduring value for our clients.


LCG's vision and commitment to our clients remains:  to be the most effective and respected consulting firm among those we serve.

Although LCG's leadership has changed, our team of dedicated professionals remains steadfast in our commitment to the mission, vision, and values that have earned LCG a reputation of excellence and unparalleled success.


The entire LCG team looks forward to building a bright future for your organization based on our past history of success.

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