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LCG's sole purpose is to advance the standards and practice of effective management and philanthropy among the clients we serve.


Our vision is to be the most effective and respected consulting group to those we serve. We measure that regularly in embracing a set of critical operating beliefs that define our corporate culture:

In our efforts for a client, each project is accorded the same level of respect and investment.

We remain resolute in maintaining the highest business, ethical, and professional standards.

In the face of adversity, crisis, or conflict, we will always demonstrate integrity.

We will always strive to lead by example, modeling the standards that lead to philanthropy and sound business practice. 

Employees are expected to contribute a minimum of 3% of their salaries to their charity of choice.

As a corporation, LCG is committed to contributing a minimum of 5% of its pre-tax profits to charity.

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Purpose Beyond Profit

Purpose Beyond Profit

Our profit is evaluated as a measurement of our value to those we serve and a means of self-financed growth, but it is not an end unto itself.

Results Over Rhetoric

Results Over Rhetoric

We maintain an intense commitment to distinctive, measurable, enduring, and high impact outcomes for our clients. We will not, for any reason, engage in contracts that fail to meet this standard, nor will we employ techniques that act as a substitute for results.

Innovation Not Imitation

Innovation Not Imitation

Innovation requires the willingness to embrace risk and accept failure as a part of the creative process. Although we rely on proven methods in the delivery of our services, we also encourage high levels of action and experimentation in order to produce new and unexpected paths of progress and change.

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