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Advancing your mission in a dynamic and changing environment takes exceptional core competencies and a shared commitment to meeting the needs of your constituents and community. No matter how vital a mission may be, it takes ever-increasing resources to effectively accomplish your goals. Our broad range of fund development services help organizations not only maximize their financial results, but also hone their fundraising skills and programs for both short and long term effectiveness.


Each member of our team is committed to understanding the dynamics of your organization, earning your trust, and exceeding your expectations.  

Campaign Readiness

LCG’s Readiness Assessment is a critical phase of evaluating the strengths and weaknesses within the operations of an organization.  Assessments will determine the capacity of an organization to effectively move forward to the next phase—the feasibility study and ultimately, a campaign.

Every organization has its own image, history, capacity, relationships, needs, and potential for success.  Evaluating “readiness” will enable your organization to customize strategies, ensuring the success of the feasibility studies and potential campaigns.

Feasibility Studies

Laying the foundation for a successful campaign is absolutely critical to effectively advancing your fundraising goals and ultimately, your mission. Therefore, a well-planned and executed feasibility study is your most important investment of time and resources. A comprehensive feasibility study of your key constituent groups will enable us to analyze your potential for success, design an informed campaign strategy, eliminate the potential for costly mistakes, and produce a timely, cost-effective campaign. Nothing will have a greater impact on the outcome of your campaign and your image among your constituents than a well-executed feasibility study.

Our studies take both a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the opinions of your key constituents, while cultivating them and positioning your organization within the communities you serve. From developing a compelling case for support to completing numerous personal interviews and online surveys, we maximize your initial investment by providing a detailed report of findings and recommendations.

Campaign Management

There has never been a greater need for your organization to implement a campaign than in this economic environment—the kind of campaign that will rise above the myriad of competing donor appeals. Our extensive experience designing and managing successful campaigns is the strongest evidence of our ability to gauge donor interest and translate that interest into transformational gifts. It also means that we understand that balls drop, plans go awry, and unexpected events happen. Through it all, we maintain an intense commitment to driving you—your staff, board and volunteers— to achieve meaningful and measurable results.

Major Gift Programs

Whether preparing for a special campaign or advancing ongoing donor development, the process of identifying, cultivating and soliciting major donors is more crucial... and more competitive than ever. We can help your team develop and enhance your major gifts initiatives by working with you.

Fund Development Programs

While campaigns fill specific funding needs, the backbone of nonprofit fundraising is ongoing fund development programs that keep the lights on and services flowing. We understand that the daily challenge of raising funds is easily neglected in favor of service delivery. To overcome that common challenge, we design programs that maintain steady forward momentum by clearly delineating roles, responsibilities, measurable goals, objectives, and action plans for each of your funding components of a comprehensive development program.

Audits & Assessments

Our systems-based approach to provides an excellent tool for evaluating your organization against evidence-based practices. We can provide an accurate and detailed assessment of your operational strengths and weaknesses along with clear recommendations on how to strengthen your operations to enhance your fundraising results.

Instead of vague ideas or generalizations, our audit targets critical areas that enable you to understand issues and identify solutions. Equally important, our audit process gives you clarity on what's working and why, allowing you to reinforce your strengths.

Seminars & Training

Confirming that you have staff, board members, and volunteers willing to raise funds is an important first step. The next is to support their enthusiasm with the tools and training they need or want to be successful fundraisers. At LCG, we transform willingness into effectiveness through proven training systems tailored to match the needs of each group. We also deliver individualized training to institutional leadership and board members, the people you're counting on to lead solicitation efforts.

LCG has led a wide variety of workshops, trainings and seminars.


Let's Work Together

With nearly 30 years experience, we bring both proven strategies and innovative techniques to every project. We never employ a "cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all" approach. Instead, we build off a foundation of evidence-based practices based on the highest standards of effective philanthropy to create custom campaigns, programs, strategies, and systems. Our products and services are designed to be sustainable long after our partnership with you has ended.

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