RENEW enables churches to create a culture of gratitude and generosity— and develop disciples who embrace the stewardship of all God’s gifts as a way of living.

Stewardship begins with the simple understanding that God wants a personal relationship with each of us. Through that relationship, He calls us to live like Jesus Christ—who used God’s blessings in God’s way for God’s glory.

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How RENEW strengthens your faith community

  • With RENEW, members of a faith community will see their roles as stewards—not owners—of the time, talent and treasure entrusted to them by a loving God. RENEW will empower members to:

  • Increase their engagement in their faith and prayer lives, as they commit time to developing their relationship with God

  • Increase their service in ministry, as they commit their talent to serving others

  • Increase their giving of treasure to the church, as they recognize the beauty of sacrificially sharing the financial resources given to them to build God’s Kingdom

Guiding Principles of RENEW

  • Genuine gratitude and generosity come through a meaningful encounter with Jesus and a new lens of seeing our relationship with God.

  • There is always something for which to be grateful.

  • RENEW seeks to create disciples, not just donors. RENEW seeks to create stewards who serve, not just volunteers.

  • Giving away the time, talent and treasure given to us by God—and making joyful sacrifice a routine part of a fulfilling life—is the foundation for spiritual growth and trust in God.

  • People respond positively when they are invited into greater intimacy with Christ.

  • RENEW isn’t about what you want from people but rather what you want for them.

4-Step RENEW process

  • Introduced to Christ

    • ​Appreciating who Jesus Christ is and understanding what He wants from each of us

  • Committed to Christ

    • Recognizing Jesus as both savior and friend and desiring to live as a missionary disciple

  • Living like Christ

    • Experiencing​ Jesus as the perfect example of Christian stewardship and consciously sharing God’s gifts to build His Kingdom

  • Making Disciples for Christ

    • Discovering our personal mission and sharing our story to introduce others to Christ


Let's Work Together

As hearts and minds are converted through the promptings of the Holy Spirit, disciples learn that gratitude and generosity become the only possible response to a loving God who showers us with His blessings.